Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Years Resolutions

When my house was robbed one of the things they did was pick up my nightstand and dump it out onto my bedroom floor. It just blended in with the rest of the regular mess but I decided the other day to finally straiten it up. In the pile of junk I found a piece of paper where I'd written my new years resolutions for last year... or maybe even the year before. It doesn't really matter because as I read it over I realized I had done...none of them. How lame is that?! So I thought I'd put this year's resolutions on my blog where I'd be reminded of them more instead of in the back of my nightstand drawer under the stack of birthday cards I buy people but never send. Since I like cooking so much, I made myself a bakers dozen of them (in no particular order):

  1. Visit all my doctors
  2. Visit a new country or state or take a class (photography, art, cooking, music...)
  3. Read my scriptures and go to the temple more
  4. Find a new outdoor sport to get into
  5. Memorize one of my favorite poems
  6. Buy at least 2 major furniture/home items I need (bed, TV stand, piano, new floors, fence, security system...)
  7. Drink more water and eat less candy
  8. Exercise to the point I notice a significant difference in appearance and endurance
  9. Hit 1000 geocache finds
  10. Improve my manners and be nicer. (less sarcasm and more compliments)
  11. Go to bed and wake up earlier
  12. Donate more clothes, shoes, and other stuff I don't need
  13. Keep my lawn mowed, my driveway shoveled, and my house dusted.

I don't think my new outdoor sport will be water skiing in Argentina because I stink at it.


Megan D. said...

Hi Katie
Your house got robbed? Bummer. So sorry to hear that. What a delightful welcome home present. I like your blog and your resolutions. Good luck with all those. :) See ya Wednesday!

Winters Family said...

Eat less candy???!? Puh-leeeeease. Don't expect me to help motivate you, esp on that one. I didn't even set any NYR's this year. I don't think I set any last year, either. I like my plateau just fine.

Winters Family said...

PS- Your water ski video is hilarious!

Life out Here said...

When was your house robbed?!?!!!

Sheesh. What is this? A plot against Cheese and Candy book club members?

By the way- have you heard of "underground restaurants"? Just listened to an episode of "The Splendid Table" and one of their guests was all into it. Sounds fascinating. We should do one.

e m i l y said...

You are so funny. Your comment on my blog under my 'undesirable' made me laugh so hard. You poor girl...

TheMom said...
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TheMom said...

I don't know if you stink at water skiing but it certainly looks like you "SINK" at it.

OK - not so funny - but at least it is a message.