Friday, January 23, 2009

Why is my blog named Katie and Suzanne?

It seems people have found my blog...making it no longer a place where I just write things to myself with no one but me and occasionally my mother reading the entries. Since that's the case...and since things at work are a little slow today, I thought I'd answer the often asked question: Why is it Katie and Suzanne?
One day in college I was passing through the bookstore when I saw they were having an art signing by Greg Olsen. He was still pretty new and exciting back then and I thought this would be a great chance to get a nice piece of art signed and then keep it in my hopechest for when I had a house to decorate. I bought a matted print of one of his paintings of Christ and waited in line and pondering what I should have him sign on my picture. I didn't want to have it say Katie Rockwood since my name would change if I got married. I didn't want it to say just Katie since it's pretty common and how would people know it was really mine. Katie Suzanne would be perfect. I met him, he was very nice and funny and personable and he signed my print. I was so excited to show my roommates. I went home and pulled it out for them, "Check out what I got..."
Candi looked at the signature and read outloud, "To Katie and Suzanne... is that because you have split personalities or something?" and laughed at me. Grrrrr... She still sends me Christmas cards and other stuff addressed to Katie and Suzanne Rockwood. I still have it of course. It still isn't framed, still sits in my hopechest, and it still makes me laugh when I see it. It's not up mainly because I'm lazy, not because of the botched inscription. Maybe someday I'll have a daughter and name her Suzanne and say it was for both of us. And then maybe someday I'll learn to speak a little clearer and not mumble so much...


J and J Bowen said...

And I Just thought it was a split personality thing...I mean there is sure at least two of you in there...even thought we only had a few precious weeks together. Oh and good luck with all those goals...AMBITIOUS!!!

Candi Criddle said...

aha ha ha, how I remember that day. I guess I took it for granted that everyone knew that-such a great story. Do you still leave a fake name on restaurant waiting lists?

J and J Bowen said...

I've got one of our engagement photos up from that rainy day in DC with the blossoms all over...the River over flowing on to the path and the Jefferson Memorial in the back round!!! also I've been cleaning crap out and found a sweet key chain we have made with monkey faces that says Companions 4-EVA..HaHa my little girl saw it an started making monkey sounds and ran off with it...awe the memories we'll always have. the 4th was a great day swimming in the puddle with Nuttall and the Beasley's while our comps were staying dry in side @ the Iginski's!!! I guess what I'm saying is... I'm Glad we are friends and your ar always welcome to come visit where ever we may be!!! have a great day love T the freakiest of them all.

Megan D. said...

ha, ha, ha! That is really funny. I was wondering, but I didn't ask. I'm glad you shared! :)

e m i l y said...

I wondered, but didn't want to ask...that is a pretty funny story!

Alan Holyoak said...

Hi --

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