Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Raining in West Jordan

Nevermind how fast I was going when I took this picture, doesn't it look cool? I couldn't resist taking a picture of this as I was driving home from work yesterday.
I was hurrying home to mow my lawn......but as I went around the next bend I saw this and realized it was probably raining at my house......and it was, it was a real thunderstorms. But that neighbor who killed my herb garden, the one I still haven't gotten around to telling to stay away from my yard, was at my house when I pulled in just emptying the last bag of grass into my trash can from mowing my lawn for me.
So I baked some banana blackberry bread instead.


Life out Here said...

That storm rocked. We were up in PC and it was hailing and thundering and lightening and looking as ominous as a Utah mountain storm dares look. It was amazing. I claim we have a storm like that EVERY DAY.

KATIE said...

...yeah I know I wish we had more. We only get a couple of those each year. The rain was so loud on my car I couldn't hear my music. Reminded me of living back East.