Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Farewell and Fun in Idaho

The whole family headed up to Idaho for a nice farewell weekend for Kris. (we were only missing 3 people) We picked apples, gleaned potatoes, collected eggs, found a few geocaches, played with all the animals, helped cook a big meal, ate at Big Jud's, I got to spend the day with all my siblings, went swimming, saw waterfalls, and listened to Kris's farewell talk.

There were a few family pictures we took and a rare one all my siblings together. (Bryce is missing so often) but I didn't have my camera with me then and those that did are pretty unreliable as far as sharing pictures go so I'm sure I'll never see it. Here's the stuff I got pictures of. (mostly animals and random stuff we did)

The 3 year olds in the playhouse. They were really into it. They were cooking and setting the table, vacuuming, taking naps, and Kris even knocked on the door and they let him in for some pie and ice cream.

Kris and Sugar

One of my favorite cats

An ultra creepy blue eyed horse that I'm sure will eventually show up in some nightmare of mine speaking Russian and walking backwards or something

Geocaching, Dad with one at an old abandoned ski lift

On the way there through a tunnel

A geocache that had a bunch of sunglasses inside to take your picture with

Shrunken Apple Heads

Gleaning Potatoes: After rejecting all the frozen ones and the green ones all you can really find are small ones or something you'd have to classify simply as D) other. Maybe it had something to do with the power station being so close by.

Mesa Falls (I wish I had pictures of the guys seeing who could jump up the most steps)

Big Jud's (Bryce ate a whole one, Kjirsten and I each ate half of one) As a family we polished off 8 but didn't finish the sodas or fries

We took most the fries home which led to a classic dad misunderstanding
Katie: The car stinks
Jerry: Because there's 5 boxes of fries in the back.
Katie: Not just fries though, like fries and B.O.
Dad: French Fries To Go!?!

We reconvened a couple days later at my house for Kris's last family dinner and sent him on his way to the MTC and eventually Louisiana.

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Megan D. said...

Shrunken Apple Heads! I remember making those in elementary! That is so cool!