Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Cabin in the snow

The cabin is so much fun...even in the snow...and even if you can't get inside because you're keys were stolen when your house was robbed. Last weekend Jake and I went snowshoeing up at Brighton and performed some impressive acrobatics off the cabin roof. After we were tired we made a snow bench on top and had hot chocolate, bread, and candy bars while cheering on the cross country skiers that came down the road in front of the cabin. That place really does provide endless amounts of fun year round...and some great photo opps!
In the individual competition we had-
Katie on Front Flip
And Jake on Back Flip
These next 3 are my favorite pictures. They turned out awesome. You can set my camera to take a series of 3 consecutive pictures and have a timer of 30 seconds. It was tricky to set it and then run up onto the roof and be ready to jump in just 30 seconds all while counting down. It took us 3 tries but we ended up with this perfect set. Jake's doing his amazing back flip and I'm doing my perfectly tucked front flip. Too bad we were both wearing white and black instead of a bright color that would have stood out more against the snow.
Here's a very short video clip of Jake's back flip.
Here's a few more less exciting pictures of me climbing up the roof-
Here's some failed but still cool pictures-
This picture was snapped too late. I did a cool kick thing when I jumped. The one of Jake was snapped too early. He was going for distance, I didn't catch it.
These are from our first two tries with the timer. The first try we had the timing way off and Jake jumped too early and the second one didn't focus for some reason.


Life out Here said...

Ha ha- you guys are so cool. You guys remind me of my way awesome ski instructor friends I used to hang out with back in the day. I didn't think anyone our age still did awesome things like this. I need to get back into being cool. Hence, you are not allowed to leave to OK, and Jake is allowed to marry you.

KATIE said...

Oh Gina...I'm so glad Jake doesn't read my blog. You are too funny. You and Doug should hang out with us sometime.