Friday, February 27, 2009

Eye Exams in Coalville

So my brother is an optometrist and on Thursdays he goes out to his mini practice in Coalville Utah. I was finally able to get a Thursday off work so I took Jake with me and we drove out to get our eyes checked and pick me out a new pair of glasses. (...good thing too since I dropped mine in a canal 3 days later and busted out the lenses. Thank goodness for backup glasses, but I can't wait to get those new ones!) It's always more fun when you know the doctor because he lets you mess around with the equipment. He let us look through his machines at each other's eyes and see our corneas and shine lights in our eyes so we could watch the iris open and close. He was even able to let me see Jake's optic nerve. I thought all of this was especially exciting since I have a special place in my heart for the eyeball. I was never much interested in science until that day in Mr. Miller's 7th grade science class when we dissected cow eyes. It was my first dissection ever (the first of hundreds) and it was like light bulbs and fireworks all went off in my head at once. My mom even remembers how excited I was about it when I came home that day. I'd been nervous about it before school so when I got home she asked how it went and I said, "It was scary...because I liked it so much."I've loved science ever since and it's been one of the foundations of almost every life decision I've made in my adult life. I've always partially credited that cow's eye for setting it off, so yeah, getting to play on Andy's eye equipment for a few minutes was really fun for me. While Dr. Rockwood took care of the patient after us, Jake and I killed time and climbed up a super muddy and very windy overlook to Echo Reservoir that Andy told us about and enjoyed a nice view of sleepy little Coalville. In fact, I think it's so small that our heads blocked the whole town!(Having just been to see Andy, I was even responsible and wore my sunglasses!) Then we went back and met Andy for a nice lunch at Denise's.
Thanks for the exam Andy, it was fun!
(Hey, did you know there's another Dr. Andrew P. Rockwood but he's a urologist in Texas!?!)


Marie Livsey said...

Katie- where did you get those pics? They were fascinating! That sounds like fun- Jake got lasik so he doesn't need glasses anymore... we figure with as much as we were spending on exams, glasses, contacts, et al we will break even in 2 more years. I had 20/20 last time my eyes were checked... when I was 12.

KATIE said...

Jake..Jake...that confused me for a second. Yeah I was 20/20 too when I was twelve but it's been downhill for my vision since I was 18. Maybe someday I'll get Lasik. I'm getting tired of glasses, but Andy sure makes it cheap and easy.