Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sitting on Babies

Normally I'm not extremely fond of other people's children, but I make an exception for these two boys. I got to watch them on Saturday and I had so much fun. (They're not really babies, they're X- and Q-, but I liked that title from when Megan wrote about babysitting on her blog.) Here's a few of the fun things we did.
We were playing in the backyard and they got really excited to take jumping pictures so I took a lot. They were so cute crouching down as I'd count to three then yell jump.
Q- tried so hard to close the garage on his own, got on his tip toes and everything, but he just couldn't quite do it. Then we played with the play-doh. We each made something to be photographed. On the left is X's vine and different colors of people, on the right is Q's 2 cupcakes and 2 bowls, the mostly green thing is his pirate ship and swimming below the ship is my giant squid.
Then we combined our artistic talents for an alligator. I was in charge of the head, Q- did the body which included legs (he put on 4 himself but kept handing me more every few minutes. If I'd put them on the alligator would have been more of a centipede) and X- did the tail using the play-doh machine. I think it turned out great.
I spent more time over the weekend with my own nieces and nephews than I did these two guys so why the blog post on them and not the others? Well when I put these guys to bed they told me to come back again... when my family drove out of town the next day my niece wrote this on the back of their car... so there you go. (I know I know, they'll just say, "We learned to act that way from you," but still...)

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