Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A New Car!!! (and a drive down memory lane)

Wouldn't it be awesome if this really was my new car? Sadly it is not. I did look at an old green mint condition 74 Firebird but I'd have to find someone with a mullet to drive around with me and that can be tricky. This is just some random picture from my mission. The Audi sold in a week to the first guy who came to look at it. It's off to Audi heaven, to be driven by a rich man's wife. He'll give it all it's expensive $1000 tune-ups that I could never afford and he probably won't cry like I did when the bill was over two thousand dollars to fix two parts. For some reason I've always had a hard time parting with cars. I know somewhere I have an old journal entry when my parents came home with the new gray Oldsmobile. I wrote about how they sold my favorite car and I didn't even get to say goodbye. I must have been 6 years old. It's really funny to read. Bryan asked me in reference to my Honda once in a wierd tone of voice, "Do you think the car has feelings??" Despite how much I hated fixing the Audi I was sad when it was gone...with all is luxurious features and fond memories. Now I've joined the Utah bandwagon and bought a Subaru wagon.

Here's a little trip down memory lane of my cars.
I don't have all of them here of course, just the ones I mainly drove. I don't have the gray Oldsmobile that sounded like a vacuum, the Fredricksons yellow striped van, the Acura I took my driving test in, Shaun's awesome Superbee we were constantly being pulled over in, Steysi's Pinto, Beth's orange "Go Vols" Volvo from college, any of the lame cars from my mission, or Bryan's white escort we drove away from our reception that you had to hit with a hammer just right before before it would start. I didn't even include the Sundance... Ok here we go.
The Oldsmobile
The first car I remember. This was my favorite car I never got to say good bye to from the journal entry. Most of my memories about it involve throwing up so I don't know why I loved it so much. My seat was either between my parents in the front or laying on top of the luggage in the back. This was the only picture I could find right away.
The Fiat
My high school car. I fit in great at school since our parking lot sometimes looked like a classic car show. It was the car I learned to drive a stick on and the car I drove to my first job. It worked just well enough to get me to school but not well enough to get me in trouble. No skipping school and going to the beach for me. This picture was taken on my last day of high school. I gave the Waltons rides home like this all the time. Seems crazy, but they're Waltons, they're invincible. If they fell off they'd probably have just bounced around and got back on. It was a hand me down from Bryce and my brother Nate fixed it up since I drove it. Now it sits in my parents driveway in a cocoon.
The Honda
My college car my parents bought me after my mission. I actually only had it my last year of college and during my student teaching. The look of it was everything I never wanted in a car. A burgundy sedan. Surprisingly reliable despite being just under 300 thousand miles and the muffler falling off on the way to California once. Unbelievable gas millage and cheep to fix. I even bought parts on eBay once. Hondas are amazing. Despite it having no perks I drove it for years. It didn't have power windows, sun visors, or a radio. I drove 13 hours to California in total silence! In the end I had to brush corrosion off the battery every time I started it and it took several tries to get in gear. (this picture almost looks like it's at my house now, but it was taken at the person's house we bought it from)
The Audi
The day I came home having slid backwards down a snowy hill in the Honda I saw the commercial where this exact car drives up a ski jump. I pointed to is and said, "I want that car." After paying more money than I'll ever pay for a car again I had it. It was so nice. Every upgrade you could ever imagine. Heated everything, navigation system, airbags for everyone, a Bose sound system, it could probably tell your future. Just a few weeks before selling it I even found out there were drawers under the seats I never knew about. When it was stolen I missed it and when it came back I appreciated it more than ever, but after 3 years it just wasn't the car for me anymore. It was too expensive to maintain and too fancy. I'm not a flashy salesman's wife anymore... was I ever really? It's better off now. (I couldn't find one picture of me with it.)
I did find this picture of me in the Audi...which only proves my point that I should not own a luxury vehicle.
The Subaru
The new car. The first car I really bought on my own. It kind of fits the lifestyle I have now. I can put a lot of stuff in the back, collect firewood in the trunk, throw climbing gear or snow shoes on top of whatever is already in there. I'll probably get a rack on the top and then maybe a bike or a boat if I can find the money. It was hard to find despite the fact that everyone here drives one. I guess no one is trading them in so there's no used ones. I plan on keeping it till it dies so maybe for the first time I'll break down and put a bumper sticker on the back. Whenever I see Subaru I think of Milton Beasley saying "it's You Are A Bus backwards!"


Winters Family said...

Like it! Good choice for you~

KATIE said...

Tingey did you even notice the Milton-is-King reference at the end?

The Toll Family said...

But Katie your cars do have feeling! Don't you know that if you love them for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY love them, then they become a, car. Once a car is real it can't be ugly except to people that don't understand. Haven't you ever watched "The Brave Little Toaster"?

Though I think that your Audi would have been one of the mechanical toys that boast and swagger and by-and-by break their mainsprings.

Andy said...

I'm kind of sad you don't remember the blue squareback and the red bug. I think I like the sound of an old VW mostly because they remind me of those cars.