Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Adventures at lunchtime

Much like the kids who say recess is their favorite part of school, one of the things I like best about my job is taking breaks to walk on the trails behind our building. The Bonneville Shoreline Trail runs just above us and I can walk from Red Butte Canyon to Emigration Canyon when I can get away for long enough...and when the weather is nice. Today however I found that it's not just the weather that needs to be nice, but the trail conditions as well. This isn't the first time I've returned to work from an afternoon walk covered in mud (or soaked from falling in the snow, or sweat from running back, or even just really jittery from barely missing stepping on a snake) I've yet to learn my lesson that when the trailhead looks like a waterfall or an ice skating rink at the beginnning, it's not going to get any better the further I go up.
The ice covered trail above is the entrance and the one below is a waterfall as the entrance trail hits the Shoreline trail. This was as good as it got along the Shoreline trail today...not good. Things get tricky at this spot due to the construction of the new Natural History Museum. This sign was new since the last time I came this way....does it seriously say "habitat restoration" and "building construction" in the same sentence??? I'll spare you any jokes about how BYU people are smarter than U of U people here...it's not my style, but come on...

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Megan D. said...

ha, ha, ha :) that is a funny sign.