Thursday, February 18, 2010

I "heart" Arizona

I got to escape the snowy cold weather in Utah for a sunny weekend in Arizona! It was so much fun! Alicia wanted some help making the drive down to visit her family with her two boys and I was more than happy to be the second driver/minivan maid in exchange for so much fun.
Never has such a long drive seemed so short. We got to drive over the Hoover Dam, eat a lifetimes worth of gummy bears, and somehow the stars aligned and everyone's bathroom breaks coordinated with gas and meal breaks...except once. I did take a hilarious picture of that but at the risk of ruining my friendship with Alicia I'm not going to post it on my blog.After spending a day swimming there was a surprise baby shower for Alicia. It was so fun! Good people, good food, good times, and lots and lots of loot for baby Zoe. I like the snow and all but I must say I wouldn't mind being able to blow bubbles and read my book on a lawn chair in the backyard year round. We had a Valentine's Day party and did some other fun stuff I didn't take pictures of.
My last day there Alicia's parents took me out to see the Superstition Wilderness. They must have known how much I would love it. I wish Alicia and the boys could have come along but while I was out there all I really wanted to do was look out the window so it was fine. It was hard enough to stay in the car and not run off down the first trail I saw but maybe I'll get to go back some day.
They took me out to lunch at Tortilla Flat. (Arizona in the winter is really full of old people as you can see from all the flip up sunglasses in the picture above.) In the restaurant we ate at the bar to avoid a wait. The saddle bar stools got kinda uncomfortable after awhile but it wasn't something you do everyday. We got sasparillas so it looked like we belonged at the bar. The entire place is wallpapered with dollar bills so we made one to get hung up somewhere. After lunch we took an awesome dirt road out to see Apache Lake. It was gorgeous. The road and the lake.
Alicia's mom was telling me that this is called a cowboy cactus because cowboys would fall on it and get impaled and die. I didn't listen too good because I impaled my arm 2 seconds before taking this picture. It was the third cactus that got me that day. Hopefully if I ever do come back here again to go hiking I'll be more careful around the vegetation.
I couldn't get enough of this landscape! I was taking so many pictures out of the car window I almost made myself sick. Look at those clouds! It couldn't have been more picturesque. Someone got her shadow in this one...Alicia's parents were so nice and such great hosts while I was there. I couldn't thank them enough for the awesome day and the super fun weekend. My last night Alicia and I went with her boys to a cool restaurant where you can eat outside and make smores at your table. It was nice to be outside, especially at night. It was also really sticky.
I think I like Arizona. (Or as Quinn says it Arizoooooona) I was sad to fly back home to Utah and back into winter. I wouldn't mind going back again. Thanks for inviting me along Alicia. I know you think I was technically doing you a favor but it was more than worth the drive.


The Toll Family said...

I snaged some of those cool cactus photos for Jerry. He will Love the heart.

Suzie said...

Looks like a fun trip...I love the heart cactus - so cool! You look fantastic and like you haven't aged a day since I last saw you!

Stacie said...

AH Katie! I'm so glad you had so much fun. I'm kind of jealous now! And I keep hearing about all these delicious treats you and Leesh are making or plan to make and I am both so glad I live far enough away that i don't have to be tempted into trying them but HATE the fact that I cannot partake in enjoying them as well. I'm so torn! Anyways, I hope we see you tomorrow even for just a little bit at the Oscars party! Michael is making a delicious cake you need to try