Sunday, July 18, 2010

Grilled Pizza

Before leaving for Canada Jake and I went to dinner at Alicia and James's house for grilled pizza! Both James and Jake were overly skeptical about throwing the pizza dough on the grill without anything under it. Where is their faith in Alicia's and my skills? Seriously. They both should know better by now that when we cook together it's always going to be good. Well, Jake had never been around for us cooking together but he's seen us both cook alone and should have just known how perfect the Cooking Duo would be in action. As always, it was great.
Potato Rosemary Barbecue Chicken
and Traditional Caprese.
Complimented by fancy root beer, farmers' market watermelon, and a super sweet little pineapple. I love these pictures I took of the boys with the watermelon. I wish I had some fancy photoshop program to make them look amazing. It was a perfect send off for our trip and a nice chance for Alicia and I to cook together once more before I was gone. It was also nice to have the night off from being the boy's jungle-gym. Uncle Jake took over for me and I enjoyed watching.

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