Saturday, September 18, 2010

Future Climber

On Alicia and my hike around the Solitude/Twin Lakes Loop, Quinn found some boulders to climb on and it turns out he's a natural. He was complaining about being tired but we knew he was faking it when we couldn't get him to stop climbing the rocks. He must have gone up and down each one a dozen times on each side. I took these pictures (while still spotting him of course) so that someday when he's a pro-climber, sponsored by all the coolest outdoor/gear brands and they're making cool videos of him climbing famous routes all over the world, he can show them off as proof and say he's been climbing since he was four. Seriously, I think he has better technique than I do. Someone get this kid some climbing shoes! (...and his brother too, but sadly he wasn't there that day.)
Quinn wanted to jump off but the boulder was taller than me so he asked me, "If I jump off and get hurt, then will you catch me?"
The next boulder we found was better because he could get down himself.

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