Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My New Phone

With my Christmas Bonus this year I...paid a big chunk of my mortgage. How boring and responsible, but I still had enough left over to finally upgrade my phone. A more responsible thing there would have been to fix the heater in my car but that's what coats and gloves are for. I was still using Bryan's old Razor phone. It was pathetic and starting to turn itself off when it got cold. Along with my new phone I also got the internet at home! It's been years and it's been oh so nice! It has already come in extremely handy although it's only on my phone so it's just inconvenient enough that it prevents me from wasting too much time on it. So far my favorite thing about the phone is the camera! It has so many cool settings and last night I found even more picture features. I was up way too late playing with them.
It has a "depth of field" feature that's cool. (just because I get a new phone doesn't mean the subject mater of my pictures improves any. Still the cats)
I spend a lot of time after I go to bed trying to figure stuff out on the phone which results in pictures of me in bed. I don't know why there's an option to take blue pictures. I was showing the phone to Alicia and James and he thought the pointless feature was the distortion option...but I beg to differ. It kept me entertained for hours. Then after you take the pictures you can edit them with fancy effects. So far my favorites are vintage looking "glimmer" and "bleak"
I can download old photos too and do stuff to them. Check out what I did to these old hiking and climbing pictures of me. Already cool pictures, but now even cooler. They remind me of the old pictures I find stuck into the Rockwood Log up at the cabin, except no one is hiking with curlers in their hair and no one has bottlecaps attached to their shirt.

These pictures make me miss good weather and climbing. This was the only fun winter picture I edited.

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