Friday, December 3, 2010

Fisheye Camera

I got a roll of film developed...yes developed
I found my fisheye camera the other day and noticed there was film in it, so I finished it off and had it processed. The first pictures were over a year old and some had really suffered but funny enough, when I got the pictures back both the old pictures and the new pictures were mostly of the Tolls. I wish the second pictures were also taken eating at Lone Star....mmmmm....Lone Star Taqueria. Kjirsten and I played around the the double exposure abilities of real film and I think they were some of the cooler pictures.
Sidenote: When I was 16 I had my first job ever working with my friend Sarah at a 1hour photo mat, how obsolete that is now. Also from my teenager days, I finally gave in and let Kjirsten have my last pair of Chucks which I bought back when I was 18.

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