Thursday, March 10, 2011

Deep Snow at the Cabin

My sister's family was in Utah for a visit and I took them up to the cabin to play around for the day in the deep snow. It was just the girls and Josh but we had a ton of fun. Somehow we managed to get everyone outfitted for the snow. I packed up two backpacks (mine with important supplies and Kjirsten's with cheese and crackers...actually that makes hers the more important backback) Josh got to ride in the sled and laughed the whole time and cross country skiiers we passed on the way would be laughing too by the time they reached the source of our sounds. It's always odd going to the cabin in the winter since everything that used to be so familiar suddenly gets skewed when you realize you're not following the trail you do in the summer...or are you? You're 6 feet off the ground and it's surprising how different things can look from a little change like that.
We made it! The cabin is always such a nice friendly welcoming sight no matter the season.
First Things First....Dig out the door at the top of the stairs (I've never had to dig out this door before, that's over a one story of snow)
Next...dig out the electrical box so we can have some light
Next...melt some snow for hot chocolate (also pop some popcorn and eat the fancy cheese and crackers from Kjirsten's backpack)
Then finally it's time for some fun!
I made the first ascent to the top of the roof using the avalanche shovel as an ice pick and to cut steps behind me. Thankfully it got easier every time we went up because it wasn't easy the first time.
Kjirsten following me. Being the second person through fresh snow is almost as hard as the first.
Me and Kjirsten on the top of the roof. I like this picture and the picture my sister took at the same time from the bottom.
Katrina inched her way up and we made our way to the porch roof...
The jump down to the porch roof is scary. It's a lot shorter than the final jump off but since it's the first thing you do you're not quite sure what to expect.
The first jump! I was so proud of my nieces, they agreed to jump all three of us at the same time. I thought for sure they'd make me go first or after I got to the bottom I'd look up to see at least one of them still at the top chickened out, but they did it!
I never managed to talk any one else into doing a flip though. It'd been a couple years since I'd flipped off anything so I was a little nervous and kept saying "You've done this a dozen times" out loud before I could go. The last time I did a flip was this time. And surprisingly it doesn't appear that my good form has suffered from the break in time....or my outfit or hairstyle either....
After the girls and I had a few more turns (more for the girls than me) we got Jailynn to make a jump. Unfortunately we'd packed down the snow quite a bit by then and I think she got whiplash.
We played around some more behind the cabin rolling down the hills....
...burrying eachother and making half snowman bodies...
...we even did a little backcountry sledding down the snowshoe trails in the trees which was pretty fun.
Then it was time to lock the place back up. Easier said than done since once you open a door all that snow puts a bit of warping pressure on the door frames.
(This is the mighty expedition picture) Josh was happy to get back in the sled for the ride back.
almost there...
...I don't recall there being an exciting follow-up to this picture but it sure looks like there should be.
The End

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