Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Cabin

With a lot of family coming in town recently we've been taking advantage of staying at our family cabin up in Brighton. My grandpa built it when my dad was a kid and it's always a great place to be and it brings back so many memories you can't even separate them from each other. My favorite spot is the screened in porch that you can't see. It's just to the right of the picture and has in my opinion the most comfortable bed in the whole place plus it's like you're sleeping outside in the cool mountain air. The only disadvantage of it is that you don't get to wake up to the smell of bacon and sausage in the morning. It was a great week up there with my parents and two of my brother's families. My sister is spending a couple days there this week and I can't wait to go up again...even if my nephews always try to take the porch bed from me. They've probably already claimed it and I'm too late. Oh well, I guess I'll enjoy the smell of bacon this time instead.
Here's another shot of some of the flowers out in front. Dad and Andy played a few games of horseshoes but Andy just couldn't seem to beat him.
The hikes used to be a little more adventurous to the surrounding Brighton peaks, but around the time I got old enough to enjoy those everyone started having babies and stoped taking them. Last week the farthest we got was Lake Solitude. It was still great though, I've never seen the wildflowers looking so good! I couldn't get enough pictures of them. This picture shows the early lupine that was out along the trail. My sister-in-law Carrie up there in the background too. Plus at the lake we saw the tiniest little baby moose getting a swimming lesson.
When I wasn't looking a the flowers this was my view during most of the hike. Kind of cute.
These were some flowers next to Solitude. Can you believe this is natural? I've never seen so many of the wildflowers out at the same time. I even saw a couple that I've only seen in the flowers of Brighton books.
I got some really good wildflower pictures during our Solitude hike. This isn't one of them but I thought it was so cool that I caught this big bee coming in for a landing. The whole hillside was covered in these flowers with their big broad leaves and as you walked by you could hear the whole thing buzzing and humming with all the bees in it. It was kind of like walking next to one of those big power stations and hearing all the electricity.

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