Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I changed my name

Yesterday in the mail I got my new social security card with my new name on it. Which is actually my old name. It was kind of a nice feeling to once again be Katie Rockwood. I think when you get married you become someone else, not in a bad way, it's just what happens when you start a new life with someone else. You compromise and change and adapt to being half of something bigger than you were before. Sometimes though that other half doesn't quite do their part in adapting and compromising into what it should so you have to get rid of it and try again. Divorce is a pretty sad, depressing and down right sucky experience. I can't even begin to describe how awful it was and I don't really want to either. The whole thing still stinks and it still makes me sad but I've learned to put it in the past. Next Monday will be one year since my now ex-husband spilled the beans about what kind of life he'd really been living and the whole process began. During the time I was alone and sitting in my closet under my clothes going temporarily crazy I thought a lot about how I'd changed since I'd met Bryan and I decided I liked the person I was before better. So, when I finally decided to eat something and leave my house I pulled out one of my old hippie purses and started doing all the things that I used to like doing. I did stuff that I'd always wanted to do but for whatever reason had never gotten around to doing. I tried to not say no to anything. The more I did the more I remembered I liked to do and the more I realized I'd given up. I've been having so much fun on my own being myself. So, I changed my name back to Katie Rockwood and started a blog. I figure I could write about some of the stuff I've been doing and keep people up to date and let them know I'm no longer crazy and sitting in my closet. I thought I could also share some of the things I really like. I personally don't think blogs from single people are very exiting since I don't have pictures of my kids to post up or funny things to write about when they say silly things, but I'll try not to write anything too boring. That also means my first few entries will be about past things I've been doing. Enjoy.

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