Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eating Cheese and (not)Cleaning House

I can't be out having fun all the time so what do I do in my spare time at home? Eat cheese and not clean my house of course!
You'd think that living alone would mean I could keep my house pretty clean, but surprisingly I can't. I spend all my time eating cheese... and then frantically cleaning the house right before someone comes to stay with me. That usually means transferring the piles of stuff that are on my table and counters in my bedroom. After a few months of this my room has started to look less like a bedroom and more like a storage unit...after a tornado. Even so, after everyone leaves I always manage to find something unusually gross that makes me embarrassed and wonder if anyone else saw. Usually it's something from the cats like a giant hairball/tumbleweed. Yesterday it was this: Can you even tell what it is? This is my kitchen window where my black cat Bentley sits and looks out every afternoon. He's got a wet puppy like nose that makes these cute little prints when he presses it up against the glass.Cute...yes. But it's still cat snot and I'm embarrassed I forgot to wash it off. Hopefully no one else saw it.

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The Toll Family said...

We saw it ;-), but we are probably some of the few people who can truly appreciate it's very Bentley cuteness as we have the same thing on most of our windows too. Please don't wash them off before we come to your house because then I will feel like I have to always wash our cat nose prints off just before you come to our house. It's hard to reach my kitchen window so I only wash it about once a month and then it gets re-smudged within an hour by Shamoo and Daisy.