Tuesday, March 3, 2009

4. Find a new outdoor sport to get into CHECK!

One of my New Year's resolutions was to find a new outdoor sport to get into... I think I've found it. For years I've been wanting to get into rock climbing. Long ago I recognized the fact that I have little cardio endurance but seem to be able to do well in anything requiring strength... so rock climbing always sounded like it would suit me perfectly. The one or two times I rappelled with Bryce and Nate I really liked it. I've just been waiting for someone to come along to help me get into it. Finally I hooked up with Jake and he's proving to be an excellent teacher. We go to the climbing gym at least 3 times when he's home from work and last Saturday the weather was so nice he took me out on my first real rock climb in Rock Canyon. It was awesome and I loved it more than I ever expected to. Sadly no pictures of us climbing, just this one of us packing up the stuff afterwards. I'm even starting to slowly acquire my own climbing gear although Jake has so much I hardly need to. As a Christmas bonus from work they gave all the 5 year employees $100 to REI. I finally found something to spend it on. Yeah for my own climbing shoes! Now I don't have to waste 4 bucks at the gym every time just to worry about getting athletes foot. The only problem with new climbing shoes is you have to wear them in...the fit and the color. Mine are red which means now my feet are tye-dyed red as well. This picture really doesn't do them justice. This is my exclusive custom made chalk bag which Jake made for me. Very impressive domestic skills if you ask me. Here is Bentley demonstrating the improper and proper way to chalk up.
I thought of posting a picture of the 32 shades of black blue and purple that I've acquired on my knees, but it's too gross. So are the nice thick belay callouses I've built up on my puffy swollen hands. So far it's been worth it though. I wish I could find some people to go to the climbing gym with on the weeks Jake's at work. Anyone?


Megan D. said...

That sounds like a lot of fun and I love the chalk bag. Very cool. I have been rock climbing about 10 times, but not for like 4 or 5 years. I really liked it, but I use my arms too much...when I should be using my legs. I would like to try it again though. How much does it cost at the gym?

KATIE said...

Megan you should come with me sometime! I think it's 15$ for a day and 5$ to rent shoes and a harness. Wow $20 is kind of steep with all that stuff. Hmmm... well you should come anyway. At least once or something.

ddrussel said...

I am more impressed with the fact you got a picture of the bottom of your feet.

Good job!

Winters Family said...

Can you climb at 7 mo's pregnant???? I've actually been a couple of times but my fear of heights gets me shakin' like a leaf- I'm such a pansie! Love his beard!!!!!

Life out Here said...

I LOVE the cat demonstrating chalk bag use. And Megan- geez! I didn't know you had been climbing before! Why didn't I know this? We coulda gone in Logan many times!

Katie- it's addictive. I'm glad you're getting into it, because I need someone to go with.