Tuesday, March 24, 2009

High Tea

My friend Tisha is having a baby. She's one of what's referred to as my "work wives" with the other one being Heathyr. (a work wife is someone who, while you're at work, you're with so much and they know everything that's going on with you that it's like a marriage. I have two work wives...and a pet nerd but that's another story)
Since neither Heathyr nor I could attend any of Tisha's baby showers we decided to have our own mini one and go have High Tea at the Grand America. It was so classy! They even have someone playing the harp (but not TOO classy on the harp since we noticed once she was playing Stairway to Heaven. Sounded great though) I was surprised at how much all those tiny little finger sandwiches filled me up. They were only two bites each at the most but so tasty! I got a plum tea but if I ever go again I'm getting a hot chocolate. They had all kinds of flavors and Tisha got one that was so amazing. Don't even get me started on the lemon curd they brought out for the scones... Sadly we ate everything before I could take a picture of any of it. Oh well. Maybe I'll join the ladies hat club and then I can go all the time. I've never seen so many ladies in big hats as I did there.

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The Toll Family said...

High Tea... I want to go!!! Kjirsten and Katrina too.