Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I believe...

Recently I was listening to some random things on NPR and just letting it play whatever it wanted for me and it played me this segment.
It's about a little kid who listened to the "I believe" things on NPR and then wrote his own list of things he believes. I thought it was really cool and after thinking about it for a few days I decided to write my own list of things I believe. I did the same number as the kid did. I'm sure I could have done more but it was good to have a limit so as to really think about what I wanted in my list. I'm sure people will disagree with me on many of them. But they aren't just my thoughts and ideas, they are beliefs, they are things that I live by, that form the foundation of my life and why I live it how I do so don't bag on them, just write your own if you want them to be different.
  1. I believe that Science and Religion go hand in hand if you really believe in both
  2. I believe in the need for wilderness even if you never go out into it
  3. I believe in imagination
  4. I believe that taking risks and chances is important and that it is possible to be too careful
  5. I believe in the ability to change and that it's never too late
  6. I believe in memories, both for enjoying and learning from
  7. I believe there are worse things in life than death
  8. I believe that video games are ruining childhood
  9. I believe the past should stay in the past but not be forgotten
  10. I believe the devil is real
  11. I believe in Evolution
  12. I believe there is one true church but that everyone has the right to worship as they choose
  13. I believe that the root of the problems is the middle east is boredom
  14. I believe that the office of the President deserves more respect from this country
  15. I believe every person has some feature that is beautiful
  16. I believe every experience can be interesting if told well
  17. I believe food tastes better when made from scratch, in a cast iron pan, or with real butter
  18. I believe extinction due to the irresponsibility of man is a tragedy beyond our understanding
  19. I believe truth exists
  20. I believe that humor can be found in any situation
  21. I believe there's no such thing as a bad or wrong emotion, only inappropriately placed or out of control ones
  22. I believe men should be handy
  23. I believe in prayer
  24. I believe people should respect their elders
  25. I believe in leading by example
  26. I believe in Karma and The Golden Rule
  27. I believe in having choices and sometimes making the wrong one
  28. I believe in sacrifice for the greater good
  29. I believe in families
  30. I believe that experiences are worth more than money in the bank


TheMom said...

President Henry B. Eyring
President Henry B. Eyring once asked his father a simple question: "Why do you ask gas station attendants questions?" His father's response was profound: "I never met a man I couldn't learn something from," he told his son. Years later, President Eyring would describe his childhood home as a laboratory where he learned to cherish science and religion and to respect others.

KATIE said...

...just one of the reasons why he's my favorite...

Megan D. said...

love this - i want to write one too.

KATIE said...

I no longer believe in Karma. Just the golden rule.