Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Bastille Day!!!!

I just realized today was Bastille Day and although many people think it's trendy to hate the French...I love them. Yahooie for France and its independence day! (Although, I don't follow much of their politics and I'm sure if I did I'd like them less. I did hear that the current President Sarkozy discontinued some of the presidential traditions for Bastille Day, what a stick in the mud.) I've been to Paris twice but never in summer and never on Bastille Day but I'm happy for them all the same. All the pictures from my first visit are in shoe boxes or albums and I don't have a scanner. Most of my pictures from my second visit have an unwanted face smiling at me in them. I did manage to scrounge up some good ones to show just a few of the great things in Paris. (There are so many more!) You should all go, or go again. Paris is marvelous and it's a place where once you go, you just know you'll be back again. It's just so full of...of everything! Paris is full of museums... (this is The Louvre) And those museums are full of art. The most amazing art too! The museums aren't just full of art, they're surrounded by art. (this is The Rodin museum. I can't remember what it is, but it looks to me like there's a bottom in that fountain...)Paris is full of churches...famous ones!And the churches are full of art too...(actually they're usually covered in art) Paris is full of history... and there's a view of it every direction you look. (This was taken out of my hotel window. The one at the very top was taken off the top of Notre Dame) Paris is full of life...even the homeless people look like they're having a good time...I think... or maybe just the birds are. Paris is full of food you love... (this was before my obsession with photographing my meals but you're crazy if you think I never took a picture of the CHEESE!!!!) Paris is full of food you've never tried before...like horse meat... (no lie there is horse meat in this picture)And Paris is full of good memories... Thank You France for storming the Bastille all those years ago, being independent and letting tourists in your country to see all your cool stuff! Especially in Paris.


Megan D. said...

I love Paris! I wish I could hop on a plane and go there right now. Sorry I made it so you had to miss bookclub. We enjoyed your comments though. :)

Life out Here said...

I'm glad you don't hate the French, because you'd be hating half of me. So sad.