Thursday, July 16, 2009

Before and After - Updates From My Garden

My little corner garden has gone from seedlings to edible vegetables. The peas are almost finished and I now have yellow squash, green beans, a couple sweet peppers, and already too many zucchini than I can handle. The tomatoes are all still green and the hot peppers, tomatillos, and cucumbers are still just little buds but they'll be ready soon enough. It seems all the things I planted from seeds are ready to pick and the ones I bought as plants in order to get a head start are the ones taking their time. Thanks to the month of spring rain it wasn't very much work this year. Even the lawn is still green and I've been enjoying it for badminton, croquet, and evening picnics. Here's some before and after shots from the garden:
Eightball Zucchini
Green Beans
Peas don't make it inside at my house. There are strict rules that they must be enjoyed while standing in the garden. This before and after shrapnel picture makes me miss my dog Cindy. She liked peas as much as I did, which was kind of a problem sometimes when she would eat an entire plant, but she would have enjoyed cleaning up these pods for me.
I even got some flowers! These are from my front yard and I love the way they look in a vase.
Hydrangeas usual, there is always bad news along with good news. My charitable neighbor has continued to mow my lawn for me and although I did manage to get him to stay away from my herb garden after the cold blooded massacre, (which is slowly recovering thanks to some replanting and lots of rain) he did come a little too close to the lavender plants with the weed whacker and has killed my dancing frog. I know I'm a little young (and sane) to be having lawn ornaments and garden gnomes, but the job of the frog was to keep the hose out of the lavender when I pull it around the corner, and apparently it was also to keep the weed whacker out. He was successful but in the words of Abraham Lincoln giving the Gettysburg address, the frog "gave the last full measure of devotion". I will miss his perpetually happy face in every season...
But I don't want to end on a sad note so back to the garden... like I said, already too many zucchini for one person. Anybody want one?

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ddrussel said...

I have two gnomes in my that is three feet tall and sits on my porch. The other one is on the brick below a window. My husband draws the line at pink flamingos...