Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The beginning of the end

I enjoy the fall weather but I'm going to miss summer at my house. Since I work in the foothills I got a little taste of the snow during the storm today and it seems like winter is coming on a little too soon. I was looking through some pictures today and these made me sad to see the weather get so cold. This is just in my own backyard, don't get me started on all the stuff I won't be able to do anymore away from my trips to the cabin, climbing outside, farmers markets, outdoor concerts...oops, looks like I got started... It was just such a fun summer I hate to see it ending.
Breakfast in the summer is served on the veranda
Local wildlife on the hunt
(also known as Francis Buttermilk)
Steinway and Linus looking for apple handouts
Reading on the lawn till the sun goes down

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