Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Taking advantage of the weather

Climbing in November... in Utah... in Little Cottonwood Canyon... in T-shirts... all day! Who would have ever thought it was possible? This is amazing fall weather and I think we took advantage of it really well on Monday. I had one of the best climbing days ever on Saturday climbing The Green Adjective and I was eager for more. Andy came down and I got Bobby to lead us on 7 pitches of classic Little Cottonwood granite climbing. We started with 2 pitches up Bushwhack Crack. At the top of that we did The Hook and The Hook Variation. Then we did a traverse over to link up with the top two pitches of Schoolroom which included the infamous offwidth chimney squeeze. Two rappels brought us back down for a short hike back to where we started. It was almost 6 hours of solid climbing and we got back to our packs and down to the car just in time to put on our jackets and not have to use our headlamps. It was close on that last part though.
Andy going up the first pitch of Bushwhack Crack.
(I love granite climbing photos in Black and White.)
The last traverse part of Bushwhack
Planning my moves...I think Me going up The Hook (first climbed by Layton Kor)
Getting ready to go up the Hook Variation.
The three of us getting ready to head over to Schoolroom.
Aack! What are these bushes doing way up here?
Andy found a little seat in the schoolroom.
Bobby leading the heinous chimney. We even used a big-bro! (you can see it by his right foot)When I went up I had to go in the chimney with the backpack on to get it out and I thought for sure I was stuck in there.
Andy and Bobby waiting for me to do the traverse under the roof. Apparently they were freezing and told me there wasn't any more time for pictures.
Me coming up the last pitch of Schoolroom and the last pitch of the day. Andy and I had to simu-climb this part.
All done...tired, freezing, and starving!
Happy Birthday Andy! Not that climbing with you the day after my birthday wasn't fun, but I think this climbing 2 days before yours was even better.


Andy said...

Oh man, yesterday was incredible climbing. Best I've ever had. The seat picture doesn't look as silly as it felt when you took it, but it was more comfortable than it looks.

TheMom said...

Do you know it's scary for a mom to look at these pictures!!!

KATIE said...

Those pictures on my other blog that I take while I'm driving my car should scare you more than these.

A. said...

So awesome! I wish I were that cool.