Saturday, November 21, 2009

That was one busy day! (a post not entirely about rock climbing)

How many things could I do with different people in one day? If you count the conversation with Rob at my kitchen table about his tangled mess of a dating life that went till 1am... is it a conversation if it's mostly listening because I don't remember talking very much. Anyways, if it counts as being on Saturday, then that's 8 people. (Personally, I would count sleeping in and doing laundry in the morning with Bentley as another activity and another friend I hung out with, but that's just me, I won't count it.)
At noon I met up with Alicia and Xavier for the chocolate show. So many samples! It wasn't a LOT of chocolate but such rich chocolate it kind of made me sick. Actually they told us it's called "fine" chocolate. At each booth you'd hear stuff like "these cocoa beans are from a special region of Venezuela while these are transported by horse back from the mountains of Chile, this chocolate is acidic and nutty on your palate, this one is creamy, this won a gold medal in Switzerland, this one is hand dipped or free trade..." We liked all of it except the creepy fake marshmallow filling ones. I even bought a bar of "fine" chocolate. The guy described it as tasting like leather and smoke. I'm not sure why that appealed to me but it did.
Xavier talked so much about chocolate strawberries that I got him one when I went back to buy myself some seafoam (one of my favorites) He was so excited, I've never seen a kid get so happy about a piece of fruit. I also got some chocolate covered raspberries that Alicia and I split and I couldn't believe how good they were! In this pictures, he's explaining to me that you don't eat the green part. I wanted a picture of him opening the Kinder Egg he bought himself but it only lasted 20 seconds.
I went from the chocolate show directly to the climbing gym where I climbed a few hours with Bobby and Brian. It was a hard day of climbing and I left with charlie horses in both my hips but well satisfied. (I don't really take pictures in the climbing gym...I don't want to look like a dork. Besides I think I put more than enough climbing pictures on my blog these days. So instead here's a picture of Xavier getting his first taste of seafoam)
From the climbing gym I went to pick up Gina for the Kalai concert. Heathyr and Gary met us there. It was fantastic. A lot of fun people watching, two pretty good opening bands, and then Kalai who was in top form. At the end he just played his guitar improv style for awhile and it was amazing. He's pretty funny in between the songs too.
I was dead tired by the time I got home. Not too tired to eat a bite of my new chocolate bar though.

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