Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One of the little things that makes winter worth it

I don't love snow. I like watching it snow, I like seeing the snow on trees right afterwards, I'm not a skier, cross-country skiing is nice, snowshoeing is pretty good, sledding is great, but none of that is worth having to drive in it. I'd prefer that the snow stay in the mountains and off my commute to work. What do you expect, I'm from California. In my lifetime it has never snowed at my parents house. In fact I wouldn't mind if it never snowed at my house in Utah either if it wasn't for the fact that (tied with this) my absolute favorite winter activity is...

You may be thinking, oh she likes shoveling her driveway, but it's not that simple. The conditions must be just right for it to be my winter bliss activity, otherwise I don't want any part of it. There are 4 conditions that must be met:

Between midnight and 3am

Dutch wooden shoes

Long down coat

Fresh snow not yet driven over

Sometimes when I'm all finished shoveling I don't want to stop and end up clearing the walkway next to my yard that leads into the next neighborhood. It's so peaceful being out there in the cold alone at that time of night. I'm slightly scared of the dark but new snow seems to make everything glow outside and the cold quiet of the early morning makes all the difference. (One time I made an exception and was shoveling in the early evening while waiting to be picked up by a date who was late because of a bad storm. He caught me out there in my wooden shoes, it was the first time we'd met, I took it for a good omen, and indeed he's turned out to be one of my favorite people. That's a one time exception though.)

Let's talk about the the wooden shoes.... I could write paragraphs and pages and books about how much I love wearing my wooden shoes in the snow. They keep my feet so warm, they never slip, they make that wonderful clip-clop sound, and they're just plain fun. The snow does tend to build up on them in deep snow and I have to stop to knock it off or I find myself in unstable platforms and 6 feet tall.

When I'm done they go back under the table in my entryway as a souvenir display from my trip to Holland. But, I bought them at a shoe store there, they were meant to be worn.

Till the next snowstorm...

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Megan D. said...

That is great! I love your wooden shoes. When I was in Holland I didn't have enough cash to purchase any. :( So I just have a little pair at home, which I really like. Maybe I will put them in my pocket next time I shovel the walk.