Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cloud Drawings

This is the new hobby I invented for myself to fill the time at work when there's no work to do. Usually I listen to audio books, browse recipes online, update my blog, read other people's blogs, and go for walks on the trails in the foothills, but I needed something new. I mentioned before that I've become obsessed with taking pictures of the clouds over the horse pasture in my backyard. Everyday I come home from work, and sometimes when I wake up I'm taken in by how pretty the clouds always seem to look over this field and since I always have my camera in my purse I usually take a picture. It started one day when I was scrolling through them on my computer looking for a new desktop background and thought, that looks like my grandpa playing pool, and I outlined it. It's a sad substitute for laying outside in the sun and watching the clouds go by in person, but it's the best I can do in my cubicle these days. (Some are hard to see unless you blow them up)
Grandpa playing pool Jellyfish
Osprey catching a fish

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