Sunday, August 8, 2010

I have bad luck with cars

While I was at the cabin I woke up on the screened in back porch which is normally so peaceful and tranquil, to the sound of an excavator backing up on the dirt road out front and it crossed my mind that I could back into my car. I sat up and looked out the screen window and saw my dad standing and looking at the back of my car. It was too late. I have back luck with cars, or maybe I have good luck since the insurance companies always pay for it. The really bad part was that unfortunately most my climbing gear was in back and got covered in broken glass. My rope has to be retired and I don't look forward to wearing any of my climbing shoes anytime soon. Would you? The scene of the crime including the perpetrator (in blue) and the victim.
The visit to the cabin wasn't all bad though. I did get a chance to brush out Simon's hair.

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