Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snowshoe Running

I hate running. I have no endurance and I have bad knees....and I don't like the look of tennis shoes* worn with shorts. I have long given up the dream that I will ever run for exercise and it's really a shame considering my legs are at tall as redwood trees, but yesterday I tried snowshoe running in the park. As far as the endurance part went, it was so much harder than normal running. As far as my knees went, it felt great! I ran all over the park for almost an hour. I ran around the bases of the baseball diamond, I ran laps between trees, I ran through big drifts, I ran in circles, I ran wherever I wanted to! Then I gobble up icicles off the trees and felt like puking, but my knees felt great! I think I'll do more of this snow shoe running this winter. (I thought I was going strait but whenever I turned around I'd made a weavy trail over the snow...no wonder people wander around in circles in the woods and get lost. I can't even go strait across an empty field.) It totally beat going to the gym that day although I think I could have justified not going after shovelling all the snow out of my driveway.
I should get the stray cat some snowshoes, instead of making the usual tracks to my door he had to plow tunnels to get his food. It appears he has as much trouble going in a strait as I do.
*I spelled tennis shoes "tennishoes" originally and my spell checker suggested I change it to tennis hoes. really.

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Megan D. said...

ha, ha, ha, tennis hoes.