Saturday, September 12, 2009

A fair is a veritable smorgasbord-orgasbord-orgasbord

Rob and I went to the fair to cheer up our lonely hearts with fried food, freak shows, and carnival rides. The only thing as good as expected was the funnel cakes but there were some other unexpected surprises that made the evening worthwhile. Like all the old ladies in very short tu-tu like square dancing costumes, the friendly sheep and little baby pigs. I wanted to eat a deep fried brownie and ride the drop ride but the line was way to long for both. I did get some dippen' dots so no matter what happened after that I was happy. Here's some of the fun livestock we saw. Rob even learned where milk comes from.
Here are some of the more disappointing things we saw. I have no picture of the "tinniest woman in the world" exhibit which I'm ashamed to admit we went in and saw. We both came out and stood in silence for a minute before commenting that we felt dirty and creepy and that we just exploited some poor short woman. You could tell everyone else coming out had the same feeling. If you go to the fair don't go see her, she's not even that short.
I like how at the bottom of the snake girl sign it says "An outstanding illusion" and that on the rat sign it says "He be cool" I think it'd have been cooler if they named him Templeton and he sang the fair song from Charlotte's Web. I'd have paid to see that.
This was not part of the fair but was in the tire yard next to where we ended up parking the car. I just thought it was funny. I wonder if it works.


The Toll Family said...

So did you "glut...glut...glut...GLUT!" I wonder if Templeton would have liked dippin dots?

Winters Family said...

That picture of Rob in the goat face thing is hilarious!!! Why wasn't I invited a-hole?

KATIE said...

Tingey I've been waiting for you to see this post and make a comment...just waiting. I'm so glad you came through.

Winters Family said...

You still didn't answer my question... but maybe I wasn't invited because I somewhat resemble that cow and the purpose of its udder.