Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Climbing Skills

I went out climbing last Saturday and learned a few new skills and put some of the skills I've been practicing to use. I climbed in a group of 3 so I got to learn all the hassle that goes along with that including reclipping gear, tailing up a rope behind me, some new knots, etc...
We climbed two routes I'd already done before but were both really fun. We actually meant to go up one but got off route. We were sad to have not climbed the planned one since the end is really fun...so we rappelled back down a little and climbed back up the fun part.
Then on the way back to the car the other two decided to try this short little trad route called Touch of Teflon. Bobby led it, Eric cleaned it, and somehow they talked me into top roping it even though it's rated 5.10 and I've never climbed anything that hard outside of the gym. Even in the gym I've only done it a handful of times. I'd been perfectly happy taking pictures for them (one of the only good things about climbing in a group of 3) but I got on the rope and miraculously I made it to the top...with a lot of coaching from the bottom, and one fall, but I did it! Yeah for me! My first 5.10!


Life out Here said...

YEAH! Go Katie!!! I knew you would be there soon!

Who are these other climbing people?

KATIE said...

They're some folks I found through an online partner board. Well one is, and then his friend...so basically strangers who have a trad rack and who needed a belay.