Friday, September 18, 2009

The Zoo is for babies

If you haven't been to the zoo to see all the babies you should go because they are so cute and tiny right now. All of them were up walking around and playing when we were there except for the snow leopard who looks so cute and soft sleeping I wanted to go take a nap with it as my pillow.
The elephant is surprisingly tiny. The tiger cubs are so playful pulling each other's tails and biting their mom's ears. It's fun to watch her be so patient then finally open her mouth and show her huge teeth to them or flatten one with her enormous paws. The giraffe I naturally wanted to take home with me. Unless you see the giraffe and elephant next to their parents you don't realize how tiny they are because they're just perfect miniatures of the adult animals.
...Then we went and played on the playground like a bunch of babies ourselves. Simon only acted like a baby when we put him on the giant tarantula but you can't really blame him. (I only wish I had a picture of Jailynn on the rocking thing. I think she was possessed. We were lucky to escape with our lives.)

Did I mention I also ate some Dippin Dots? Jailynn and I snuck away and each enjoyed our own cup without any sharing. Then we were discovered and plagued by a fit of crying. How could we commit such a crime of injustice?!?! Life is so incredibly unfair!!! Finally she got her own...and we made her share with us. This was all after the ice cream cone and snow cone earlier...what a day. After a train ride and a rogue bird show where the eagle flew into a tree instead of to it's perch, it was time to go home. We were one of the last to finally leave as it closed.

(Simon licking the right thing...Josh licking the wrong thing...gross.)

(Katrina and I were both so happy to see babies of our favorites)


Kearl said...

That giraffe picture looks professional.

The Bahens said...

Seeing this zoo post reminds me of the time we chaperoned that elementary school field trip! Do you remember that?? It was so fun. Ah, the good old days.

KATIE said...

I forgot you were at the zoo on that field trip too. I remember it rained on the kids and my group freaked really freaked out when I got one of the giraffes to lick my hand. That was so fun.