Monday, January 25, 2010

Coldwater Canyon Overlook

A few weeks ago Andy and I got together for our Monday's off work and snowshoed up to Coldwater Canyon Overlook in Weber Canyon.
We found a few winter friendly geocaches along the way...
We followed some ski trails, some snow mobile trails, the powerline trail, then eventually we found someone's one way snowshoe trail to the top. Hoping he wasn't the avalanche victim from the day before we followed it to the overlook. Almost there, the top was just past these trees. Andy's making the final accent below. There were perfect views in every direction. It was worth the effort to get there and we made it just in time for lunch. I started to walk out on the cornice but wasn't feeling too confident about the snow or my lack of avalanche skills so I came back.The end. (Thanks Emily for watching the kids while we went)

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