Friday, January 15, 2010

New Years

The year is ending and it's a sad goodbye, it was a really great year, but I'm eager for 2010 and all it's possibilities: My goals for last year didn't all get met but about 8 and 1/2 of them did. I had my main ones which I'd posted here and another private list at home. I did better with my public ones... though I think #4 sort of took over and consumed my life for awhile. For next year I've decided on these. As usual I've made a baker's dozen of them:

1. Read the Bible

2. Go to bed before midnight (weekdays only)

3. Be able to do 3 overhand pullups

4. Lead a 5.11 climb in the gym and a 5.9 climb outside the gym

5. Learn to bake bread (good bread)

6. Hike to the top Mt. Olympus (or climb I guess...either one)

7. Cook one recipe from every cookbook I own

8. Drive Slower (within 5 miles of the speed limit)

9. Live off the food in my pantry for 1 month

10. Finish my name change back to Rockwood

11. Get a computer

12. Green up my commute to work

13. Visit a beach/state/country/or National Park I've never been to before

What do you think the hardest one will be for me?


Stacie said...

Hey, thanks Katie for your comment on my blog. Your right we have a couple of Resolutions in common. Although, after reading yours I want to add some to mine. I really want to learn how to bake bread cause I burn and mangle everything I attempt to bake. And the whole pullips thing cause I have never been able to do that. And I think it's pretty hard to drive slow (and patiently) in Utah. Good Luck!

WinTers OuT LoUd said...

The name change thing. The rest all sound funner that paper work crap.