Monday, January 31, 2011

Duc isn't just for Sundance anymore...we added bobsled watching this year!

Duc comes to Utah ever year to work at the Sundance Film Festival. Every year I pick him up and shuttle him back and forth to Park City and he takes me to see a few films for free in return. This year was a little different, and not just because there wasn't terrifying blizzard conditions any of the days I had to drive him anywhere either. He met a guy who works at the bobsled run. They were practicing for some world championship...qualifying something or other. Who knows, but teams from all over the world were there and we got to just stand around and watch them. Some had pretty intense secret handshakes before pushing off and all of them have monster quads.
It was cool seeing them push off, but we coudln't appriciate how fast they go so we went down to a lower area and holy cow they go fast! (during that walk down I had the most impressive "slip on the ice and catch myself" moment ever)
It was awesome being the only ones there watching when we knew that during the olympics this place would have been a mosh pit. I love these next two photos. It looks like the bobsled just snook up and surprised Duc while we were chatting.
And we we also waited in a bunch of long lines and saw a few films too, but we do that every year...

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