Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Willow Heights - Again

I was sitting at home on my day off work, still in my pajamas around noon wondering what to do with myself. I had left over guacamole and birthsecond cake (the day before was my 1 billionth birth second and I had a small party) I looked down at my odd lunch and decided it would taste better in the mountains. So I threw it all into a backpack and headed up the canyon. There were no cars at the Willow Heights trail head so even though I'd been there a couple weeks before, I pulled over and headed up. It was warm and sunny and I enjoyed the animal tracks, the stillness, the fresh air, the aspens, and the snow.
(bluebird skies)
(all mine!)
(I hate hats)
I took some pictures at the lake, then after a mildly terrifying close call, I headed back to the meadow where I found a nice spot looking over the snow and down the canyon. I was right, the guacamole and cake tasted way better up there. I wish I'd brought my book, it was so nice, I could have stayed even longer.
(at the lake...two similar pictures just because I want to. And because taking them almost cost me dearly. Tell me you like them even if you don't please)
(connect the trees) (sort of makes me feel huge)
(lunch time)
(dessert time)
(I love aspen bark) (steep decent)
(long evening shadows)

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Winters Outloud said...

Thanks for not dying. I like that picture:)