Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 - How did I do?

Last year I claimed to have accomplished 8 1/2 of my 13 goals, I think this year I did better with 10 and only 2 total fails (two were halfway met so they equal one together). But I think if you actually reach all your goals, maybe you didn't make them high I'm ok with a few failures. I tried.
I had good intentions while writing this post to put links and photos in but I'm not going to. I think posts without photos are lame and I don't read them too often, but here I am posting one myself...

1. Read the Bible
This took me the entire year. I finally finished up on New Years Eve. I was so excited I did this. I didn't cheat and listen to any of it on audio book either, I actually read it all. I don't think I'll do it again cover to cover. Not that it's not's long.
2. Go to bed before midnight (weekdays only)
Fail. Why do I bother making this goal? I tried harder this time, but I think I forgot it was a goal about halfway through the year. Especially when it snowed and I stayed up to shovel at 1 am and walk around the neighborhood. I'm going to make it a life goal to not ever make this goal again because I always fail and rarely even try very hard to keep it.
3. Be able to do 3 overhand pullups
I have no idea if I came any closer to this and since I hurt my back in December the thought of trying to do a pullup right now makes me want to crawl in bed and not come out. I'm sure I can do one, maybe two now, three? Maybe I could have back in July, but I'm not feeling so great these days. I do remember going to a climbing competition this year and them saying the girl who was currently climbing had a new years goal to do 21 pullups...and I felt instantly weak. I'll call this one halfway and not worry about it. I hate pullups.
4. Lead a 5.11 climb in the gym and a 5.9 climb outside the gym
So close! I was so too ambitious with this goal considering I didn't even lead climb when I made it. I top roped some 5.11 climbs and even a 5.12 outside. I can lead 5.10c in the gym consistently and was onsighting 5.8 outside without a problem. Maybe this year. In the spirit of goals I think I'd call this one a success.
5. Learn to bake bread (good bread)
Successful here for the most part. I learned to make some bread, which I thought was ok, but not great. I even tried out some sourdough bread. I'm confident with kneading bread dough at least. I should have made it a goal to learn to make good pie crust. I did that.
6. Hike to the top Mt. Olympus (or climb I guess...either one)
Double success. In face I did both! Climbed the North Summit and then hiked the regular myself I might add. I wrote posts on both of these so I'm not going to go into it any more.
7. Cook one recipe from every cookbook I own
Success! I was going to make this into a blog on it's own but never got around to it. This was the goal I was most excited about. I made the last two on New Year Eve at my parents. My dad helped me with the dutch oven for the last one even. 73 cookbooks. Over half of those were in the last few months too. I could not have done this without Alicia's family eating a lot of the finished products for me either, and my family as well. I didn't love serving people dinner from recipes I'd never tried before but for the most part I liked everything I made (I wish I'd eaten less of them...I'm getting chubby) I might write a post of this in more detail, maybe list them all...maybe.
8. Drive Slower (within 5 miles of the speed limit)
Success. This wasn't very fun. In fact I was driving to work this week and thought, oh I need to slow down, can't go over 70. Then I remembered it was January and I could drive faster now! I drove to work at 75 so excited. So I guess it worked since I still didn't drive as fast as I used to. There were more than a few times I passed a cop this year and thought, "Thank you New Years resolutions!" I hope it sticks.
9. Live off the food in my pantry for 1 month
Did it. It was lame. I underestimated my pantry. I should have made this 3 months. I hardly noticed. I wrote about this too.
10. Finish my name change back to Rockwood
Halfway. I got the drivers licence done...which was the biggest thing because now it matches my credit cards and I can get on an airplane without buying a ticket with a different name on it. But I never did my passport, so I'm still Katie Peterson internationally.
11. Get a computer
My parents did this one for me and got me a little tiny laptop for my birthday. It's been helpful. I also got a new Android phone with the Internet so if I combine those two, I totally got this one.
12. Green up my commute to work
I had such high hopes for this one. Carpooling with my brother, riding my bike halfway...nothing ever came of any of it though. Total fail.
13. Visit a beach/state/country/or National Park I've never been to before
Visited a lot of beaches, finally saw enough of Oregon and Montana that I'd count them as states visited, and saw 3 National Parks that I've never seen before. Joshua Tree, Redwoods, and Cascades, though the Cascades I technically didn't enter but drove through the middle of. It's shaped funny. I went further into Canada than I've gone before...if that counts for a country. Who's making the rules? Me? Ok it counts. This goal was met many times over. (thanks to my parents and Jake for the road trips)

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