Saturday, April 24, 2010

Adventures in yard work

Last Saturday was such a nice gorgeous spring day! The dandelions were out in full force so I decided it was about time to mow and fertilize the lawn for the first time this spring. Doing this kind of yard work and not just the "tend the tomatoes and herb garden" stuff sure makes me feel independent and self sufficient. The thrill of that won't last long I'm sure and by mid summer I'll be once again, hopefully, accepting charity mowing from my neighbor that butchered my herb garden last year. The dandelions seemed to be onto me, they were so short the mower just went right over them. As a side note, I've had those shoes since high school, in fact they're my old badminton shoes. I keep some stuff way too long... After my yard work was done I sat in the driveway and enjoyed the company of Edam, my neighbors cat. I don't know his real name, but it's the prettiest friendliest cat ever. I love his eyes! They're really light blue-green and remind me of sea glass you find in Monterey. Why can't my inside cats be as friendly as the outside cats!? Then Charlie rode her scooter past my tulips and pointed out a snake hiding in them. I caught him and named him Slim Willy. He was the biggest snake I'd caught in my own yard and he wasn't too happy to be in my hands so I set him free in the horse pasture and wished him good hunting. You really don't need to go further than your front yard sometimes for an adventure.

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