Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cross Country Skiing in Big Cottonwood Canyon

It's warming up quick and I hadn't yet taken the cross country skis up in Big Cottonwood Canyon yet. So I headed up there Saturday and spent the whole day on the trails. I ended up skiing every single trail and loop there is between Brighton and Solitude. I went alone again but this time I saw lots of other skiers. The trails were slushy in the sun making the tracks more of a danger than anything else so I practiced skiing outside of the tracks. I never quite master the uphill skate ski but I was able to do some fantastic turns going downhill.
It's crazy how many cabins are on the opposite hill that you don't even know about since in the summer they're all covered in aspens.
I took the Cabin Fever Loop trail twice to see our own cabin. There's no sign of the snowshoe tracks I made out front with my parents a few weeks ago.
I like how the snow melts and curls around the edge of the patio roof. No jumping off the roof this time.
Some aspens patiently waiting for the spring to reach them...the sky was gorgeous in the late afternoon as I made my way back to Silver Lake and one final lap around the loop before heading back home. It was almost enough to wish for a few more weeks of winter...but I already took my snow tires off thanks.

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