Saturday, April 17, 2010

Record Store Day: A finale of music and ice cream

April 17th was Record Store Day and all the local shops had free shows all day put on by local bands. I attempted 3 and made it to all of them if you count a couple notes as a show, otherwise I saw just two. But Saturday was just the finale to 4 days of live music for me. Starting with a Citizen Cope show at The Depot on Wednesday which was excellent. Friday Gina and I headed down to Provo to see what Velour could offer us. Archers Apple was releasing a CD that night. They were pretty good and fun to watch. They played some fun instruments and it all seemed to flow seamlessly into their songs, even the saw, the typewriter, and the bucket of metal seemed to work for them. However, their opening band was Devil Whale and I can't remember the last time I was so instantly taken in by a local band. I left that night with their CD and plans to see them the next day on Record Store Day. (That night didn't end with the music either. We stopped by Sammy's for something to eat and ended up meeting another local singer/songwriter guy who, it turns out, I saw perform last summer when I went to the Josh Ritter concert.) Saturday was Record Store Day: Heathyr and I headed up to Salt Lake to see Fictionist perform out front. It was such a perfect day, everyone enjoyed sitting on the grass soaking up the sun and the show. Candi met us there with her family and everyone really liked watching Katelyn dance…till some kid showed up with ice cream, then the dancing was over and the begging for ice cream began. After their show Gina and I saw Devil Whale that evening at Slowtrain Records where we got free CDs of two new songs. We tried our very best to rush to Orem for the last Fictionist show but got turned around in the disastrous mess that is Provo/Orem and ended up walking into the store as they were holding the last note of the last song. Pretty much all we got was "thanks for coming everyone!" so we just talked to Brandon while he packed up his guitars and left. I love live music so much, it was great to see so many shows this week and all of them were amazing. The second best part of all this was that after each show, we went out for frozen desserts. After Citizen Cope we got Wendy's frosties, Friday we got pie shakes and ice cream at Sammy's, Saturday afternoon we had ice cream and root beer floats at B&D, then Saturday night we got fancy gelatos somewhere in Daybreak. What could be better? Live music and ice cream!

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