Saturday, June 12, 2010

After a month (I should have gone 3)

(Pantry and Potato Before)
I didn't grocery shop for a month and except for Lou missing her milk every morning after it went sour and me hording eggs, I didn't notice too much. The potato grew bigger but the piles on the shelves didn't seem to get much smaller. I ended up eating a lot of stuff from my freezer more than anything else and it was all really good frozen left overs. I think I almost ate better than normal. The fact that two days before I was done I was able to bake up one of these from scratch shows that I wasn't hurting for food. In fact, since it's ended I haven't gone to the grocery store to restock anything except eggs and butter which I needed for Alicia's birthday cakes. I even had almost all the ingredients I needed for those too. I've thought about extending it, or having a month where I only buy local stuff. The milkman has come by to deliver my milk and I did get some local strawberries, cheese, and eggs at the farmers' market on Saturday so I know it would be doable. Either way, I'm going to try and cut back on my food shopping. I think I have my year supply covered.

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