Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Larderhoarding - No groceries for a month

Recently my niece Sarah looked in my pantry while playing hide and seek and said, "Wow that's a full pantry, it looks like a store!" and she's right. I have too much food for just one person. I've also had the conversation while eating dinner camping, "This is good where did you get this?" "Out of your pantry" "Really?" Also there's a lot of stuff in here that's expired, but I usually still use it.
Apparently when squirrels do this it's called "larderhoarding" I don't have a designated food storage, but then, maybe I do, or maybe I'm a Pika and you'll find me some winter living under a pile of all my hoarded food. Last year I heard of some of my cousins doing a food storage challenge where they went a month without grocery shopping without any notice first but I wasn't really so impressed because I knew I could have done it. Granted, I don't have kids so kudos for them and their kids. I made it a New Years goal to live for a month on the food I have in my house. The farmers' market is starting up in Utah on June 12th so I decided I should go for it now so I wouldn't miss out on getting all that fresh produce. May 12-June 12 I won't be grocery shopping. I did stop by the store the night before and picked up some eggs and flour and carrots for the horses. I don't really see this being a difficult challenge for me, I should have made it 3 months. Maybe I'll do it again later in the year. I think I could go 6 months if I wasn't such a food snob and could be content to eat bean soup for a few weeks and not bake cookies every Sunday. Lou is going to miss her milk every morning once my last gallon is gone though. One of the problems with having such a full pantry though is sometimes things get forgotten…like this potato. Doesn't it look like something you'd find in the ocean?


Suzie said...

I am SO impressed that you're doing this. I'm sure we have enough food for a month - we do have food storage - but my husband wouldn't like it (kids wouldn't care too much).

You've got to post about your adventures in eating as you go along (though it sounds like your cupboards may be full enough to eat pretty normal meals).

TheMom said...

Plant it and then you can make soup in a few weeks.

WinTers OuT LoUd said...

You have more food than we do... and there are 4 of us.