Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice Canoeing on The Bear River

Andy and I took a canoe trip down The Bear River for the Summer Solstice with a group from the Nature Conservancy. We put in at Bear Bottoms and took out right at sunset by Sugar Park 10 miles down river.They fed us dinner and pointed out all kinds of birds. The mosquitoes were out so we ate in our canoes and it was nice that way. We preferred to be in the front so I think we missed the majority of the bird identification, but in exchange got to paddle in silence down the slow glassy river and saw a few big beavers and some pelicans on the water before the rest of the group came up behind and they flew away. A lot of the pictures look the similar, but you only have so many options when you're sitting in a canoe.
(Andy were you doing that on purpose...funny)
It was supposed to be me and Heathyr but she had to cancel when her husband went on a business trip. I don't think Andy minded so much filling in for her. It was kind of like old family vacations and trips to Vasona, except we didn't have to help lift the canoe on top of the Oldsmobile after and tie it down with bungee cords.
It was a nice way to spend the longest day of the year.

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