Thursday, April 2, 2009

Appointment with April

I can't believe the first day of April came and went without my mom sending me this story. It seems she sends it every year. The story also always reminds me of Beth in college pointing to the yellow bushes and repeating in an authoritative voice her text book description of Forsythia, "It announces..the arrival..of spring!" So anyways since my mom didn't send it to me I had to look it up myself and I thought I may as well post it for others to enjoy as well...
George Santayana's last day in the classroom at Harvard. The philosopher had received a sizable legacy and decided to retire from the faculty. The room was packed for his final appearance and the lecture went very well. During his concluding remarks, he glanced through the window at a forsythia that was beginning to blossom in a patch of muddy snow. He stopped abruptly, picked up his hat, gloves and walking stick, and made for the door. Then he turned and softly said, "Gentlemen, I shall not be able to finish that sentence. I have just discovered that I have an appointment with April."
From: The Little, Brown Book of Anecdotes
I know my parents springtime in California has already come and is on it's way out but since it was a snow storm here yesterday I can assure you ours in Utah is taking it's sweet time getting here. (I wonder if there is a construction detour or an accident. I'm guessing it just slept in, that's why I'm usually late.) I have some early tulips blooming in my front yard now, though they won't open up in the cold weather and the leaves are budding on the trees but no blossoms yet. I've already had my first camping trip of the year along with a hike or two and I was even able to turn my heater off for a whole week at one point and wear flip flops to work so I know spring has to be just around the corner once this snow stops... and when it finally comes I say we just drop everything and walk out the door to greet it.


Megan D. said...

I love that story! Forsythia is the best plant ever. It is such a happy color. I can't wait to drop everything! Hope it comes soon!

KATIE said...

Snowing againg today! Are you kidding me!?!? Writing my posts on South America, spring flowers, and Zion then looking out my window to a snow storm is killing me!