Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! I scourered my pictures for ones that seemed good for today and found this one of Katrina up at Brighton this fall. It seemed to send the right message...except that it's a fall picture and I'm wanting it to be spring.
The only exciting thing I'm doing today is eating hot dogs for lunch at work. Not really very exciting. Maybe another day I'll be able to go somewhere fun and outdoors. Until then I'll just have to look at my pictures. Here's a few shot from my favorite place on Earth.
The landscape artist Francis McComas (1875-1938) described Point Lobos as "The Greatest Meeting of Land and Water in the World" and I agree.


Life out Here said...

Where is Point Lobos?

And I love Fall. I saw that picture and thought- yeah, I could be there and be totally happy. It's too hot already. Yesterday we had to have the fans on in the apt. Ugh. Should be getting rainy soon, though!

I thought Jake was in town??

Megan D. said...

I want to go there too.

Life out Here said...


KATIE said...

Yeah he's in town. I was climbing with him the past two days and now I can't move (I did a few cracks in Little Cottonwood), but my family is in town too so I got a full house. Next weekend is ours Gina!

Life out Here said...


Lianne Barr said...

Hi Katie! I am glad you made your way to our blog! I love Point Lobos too. I took a photography class and we had a fieldtrip there. It is so beautiful there.