Monday, April 27, 2009

Black and White

Despite what you see in this picture (the ugliest picture ever) and the fact that it looks a lot worse in person, I'm still loving rock climbing. I went out twice this week to Little Cottonwood Canyon for my first multi pitch route and then to Rock Canyon for a few singles and then up 3 pitches. I don't know where all these bruises came from since I never fell. The coloring continues up and down and around the backs of my legs as well as on my arms. I even have a big one on my foot though I do remember that one happening when a rock fell on me. I was at the doctor's today and had to put on a gown that only came to my knees. He didn't even ask what happened to my legs! I remember how I used to love getting tan and wearing short shorts when I was a teenager...not anymore. It looks like I'm going to be black and blue with a pasty white background this summer...all underneath some nice long pants.


Megan D. said...

OUCH! Holy cow. So your blog doesn't show regular updates on my blog. Weird, luckily I just thought I should click on your blog...or else I wouldn't get to see your bruises! :)

Candi Criddle said...

Viva le pants.