Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day Trip to Manti

For the second time in a row Gina and I made plans for a weekend campout, to sleep outside, get some fresh air, get out of the city, drive, test out my new sleeping bag, kidnap Candi, etc. and for the second time in a row we got rained out. I think the entire state of Utah predicted rain that day. There was no escape. Since we still had a Saturday wide open and we'd already been planning for a long drive, we figured we didn't have to cancel that part of the weekend. So instead of camping we took a mini road trip down to Manti to go to the temple. Megan came along and drove (I owe you gas money) and since Maria's skydiving/birthday plans got rained out too, we picked her up on our way through Provo. The rainy spring weather made the drive South extra pretty. The pastures and canyons were misty and green, all the sheep had little lambs running after them in the fields, and there were spring brides swarming all over the temple grounds taking pictures. I still wish we'd been able to go camping, but this was a pleasant alternative.


Life out Here said...

That first picture- it looks like the temple is a painting, like in the old movies! That's pretty fantastic. Can you send these to me? I love the spy shot you took of me as well. Ha ha.

Life out Here said...

OH and also for the second time- instead of going camping we went to the temple. We are so righteous! In a "rad awesome" way.

Also, my word verification for this is "elfing" which I think is funny.