Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No Magic Beans

Last night I dreamt I went out in the morning to water my garden before work and all the plants were almost fully grown. There were even ready to pick green beans. I don't remember trading in my donkey for any magic beans. I stood out there for a long time trying to figure out what had happened because just the day before there had only been one or two cucumber seeds sprouting. Then I looked at the date and realized I couldn't remember the past 2 months. I wasn't sure if I'd slept through them or I had amnesia and was kind of freaked out to have a chunk of my life missing. So when I went out to water this morning I was glad to not see fully growing plants although I did see this!One of my most favorite things in the world, one of the things I enjoy most in life, what I would do if I could do anything for one afternoon, maybe even my last meal on Earth... would be standing out in the garden eating peas off the vine. For the past few years I've devoted 1/4 of my entire garden to peas and I can't think of one time that any peas have made it past the backdoor into my house. This year's crop looks to be starting out well and hopefully I'll get some peas before the summer heat sets in.
There weren't any beans ready to pick but they are definitely on the way. I love little bean necks. I think I've got a big head so I can relate to their struggle in pulling it out of the ground. First taste of sunshine. I bet these will all be standing up by the time I get home from work.
And then there's the zucchini's. I can't remember if these are yellow zucchini or eight ball zucchini. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.


Megan D. said...

Lookin' good. I love peas too. :)

J and J Bowen said...

I miss our garden this year we opted out for this year to save some money going to school midsummer and man I miss the joy of gardening!!! thanks for sharing.