Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Cookie...Wednesday

I used to try a new cookie recipe about once a week and bring them to work. I called it New Cookie Monday and it was fantastic. I'm not sure what happened to make me stop...maybe it was when I stopped working Mondays. Anyway, I was talking to Gina this weekend about my beloved Martha Stewart Cookie Recipe Magazine and thought I should try out some more of the cookies in it. (If you haven't ever heard of why this particular magazine is so precious you really should ask sometime. It's a funny... and kind of mean story) All the recipes in it are now in her cookie cookbook and I would highly recommend it. (HEY! I just looked at it on Amazon and I think the cookies I made are the ones on the cover! Fun!)
So I made the Double Chocolate Cookies and they're pretty good. I'd make them again. Notice in the picture above there are two piles of white in the bowl of cocoa. One is baking soda and the other is salt. Then notice the measuring spoon next to the magazine. It's a teaspoon. The problem is the recipe called for 1/2 a teaspoon of each of these. I realized what I'd done after I stirred everything together. This is usually only my problem when I half recipes. I end up putting the full amount of one ingredient in and mess it all up. So I had no other choice but to then double the recipe. I didn't have enough chocolate to double the chocolate chunks that were supposed to be in them, so they were a little skimpy in that area but otherwise delicious and I had plenty to bring in a few dozen to work today. Everyone liked them. Happy New Cookie Wednesday.

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Life out Here said...

Those look like the ones on the cover of her cookie book! Strong work, Katie!

That's such a good phrase.